Reliability of test&drive breathalysers

Do test&drive’s disposable breathalysers actually work?

Laboratory test results

The disposable breath alcohol tests were tested in the Transcom International Measurement Laboratory of Breathalyzers.

  • at an alcohol level of 0.2 promille the device showed a test sensitivity of 96%,
  • with an alcohol level of 0.5 promille the device has a sensitivity of 98.6%,
  • at 0.8 promille the device demonstrates test sensitivity of 100%,
Measurement Laboratory of breathalyzers


Test & Drive does not contain potassium dichromate, a poisonous and carcinogenic compound used in older generation breathalysers.

The Health Quality Certificate, issued by the National Institute of Public Health and the Institute of New Chemical Synthesis, certifies that the use of the Alco2Go breathalyser poses no risk to human health or the environment.

Functioning of the test&drive breathalyser

Up to 100% effective

The test&drive breathalysers determine the level of sobriety on the basis of the colour of the crystals when they are blown into the device. The device indicates four levels: 0 per mille (complete sobriety), 0.2 per mille (the condition “indicating alcohol consumption”), 0.5 per mille and 0.8 per mille (state of intoxication – the driver may even be punished with imprisonment). If the crystals in the centre of the breathalyser remain white after the breath is taken, the driver is sober and can “get behind the wheel”. If the crystals turn any shade of red, driving is prohibited. The level of alcohol concentration in the blood determines the intensity of the colour of the crystals.

Numerous tests, both on the Internet and in professional tests (according to NF X 20-702 standards), have shown that the test&drive breathalyser is extremely effective at higher alcohol concentrations, up to 100%.
This proves that the results are the same as those obtained with a professional breathalyser.
The breathalyser is also very good for its availability and low price. If you only occasionally drink alcohol, this investment can be well worth it.

Technical data

Disposable breathalyser

  • Technology: White ReactionsRedox
  • Measuring method: colour change
  • Measuring colour: white to red
  • Reading time 2 min
  • Accuracy: 0.1 promille
  • Measuring method: exhaled air
  • Operating temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius
  • Measurement ranges: 0.0 0.2 0.5 0.8 (per mille)
  • Device dimensions: 60mm x 11mm
  • Manufacturer: Alco2GO, Poland