Test And Drive disposable Breathalyzer

Probably the most effective breathalyzer on the market

We are a manufacturer of probably the best and completely harmless breathalyzers.

Test & Drive do not contain potassium dichromate, a poisonous and carcinogenic
compound used in older generation breathalysers.

Choose a breathalyser with a guarantee of reliability.

Test And Drive - all over the world

Easy to use and easy to get!

alkomaty jednorazowe test&drive, alkotesty test and drive

Thanks to this, our products are successfully distributed and sold throughout Poland and abroad.
Outside Poland, our primary markets are: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, USA, Canada.

Other countries where you can buy our breathalyzers are:
UK, Columbia, Korea, Italy, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Norway, Portugal, Panama, Romania, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Israel, China, Brazil, Chile, Mauritius

Breathalyzer easy to use

Pocket-size and easy to use

Test&drive  contains crystals within a single tube that allow four possible readings.
When the user blows through the tube, the crystals change color upon detection of alcohol:
the higher the alcohol concentration, the darker the pigmentation.

Press the cap on both sides to pierce the protective film.

Take a deep breath and blow 2 times for 10 seconds.

After 2-4 minutes compare the color of the substance with the scale.

Effectiveness of thetest&drive Breathalyser

Disposable breathalysers - reliability in a box

Test&drive's breathalyzers have been tested for effectiveness in accordance with NF X 20-702 standards. The test report shows that our breathalyzers are extremely effective with a higher alcohol concentration of up to 100%.