Manufacturer of disposable breathalysers

Manufacturer of disposable breathalysers

We are a manufacturer of probably the best, and above all completely harmless to health breathalysers. Test & Drive do not contain potassium dichromate, a poisonous and carcinogenic
compound used in older generation breathalysers. Thanks to this, our products are successfully distributed and sold throughout the country and abroad. Outside Poland, our primary markets are:

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, USA, Canada We are constantly developing our production lines. Our employees participate in specialist technical, technological and metrological courses and trainings, thus improving their knowledge and qualifications. In our business, there is no room for risk, that is why the breathalysers with the Test&Drive logo are synonymous with high quality, thanks to which we have gained a strong position on the global market and, above all, the trust of drivers and business partners.

Knowledge of the law

We constantly monitor the regulations
concerning breathalysers and road safety.

Qualified staff

Our employees participate in specialized courses
and technological training to improve their knowledge and qualifications


Our breathalysers are durable, reliable and accurately,
verify the alcohol content in the exhaled air.


6 ironclad rules

Approvals and certifications

We optimize the verification procedures
of effectiveness of our breathalysers.

Latest technology

We systematically invest in the most modern
production technologies


Breathalysers are safe for health.
They do not contain potassium dichromate.

Breathalyzer packaging

Disposable breathalysers – safety in a box

Test And Drive disposable Breathalyzer

The practical handle makes it possible to hang the boxes on stands.

Test And Drive the most effective breathalyzer on the market

The packaging of our disposable breathalysers is characterized by durability.

Test And Drive Breathalyzer easy to use

The breathalyser packaging contains clear and legible instructions for use.

Intended use of the breathalyser

High rate of success

1. AUTO (!) check

Your personal responsibility tester

It only takes a few seconds for you to find out if you can drive. The Test&Drive breathalyser quickly measures the alcohol content of your breath. A breathalyser is a permanent part of the equipment of a conscious driver – always carry it with you and don’t take the risk of driving under the influence.

2. Breathalysers on duty

Test&Drive breathalysers are disposable rapid testing equipment – our professional breathalysers can be used by: the army, police, municipal police, health service and all public sector institutions.

3. Public awareness campaigns

Creative promotion of responsibility tests

Together with the media, we implement social campaign projects to promote awareness, responsibility and sobriety behind the wheel. We give the green light to every worthwhile initiative that improves road safety. We are open for cooperation – we offer our knowledge, technology and the Test&Drive logo.

4. Risk-free corporate events

Breathalysers of good fun

Business reviews, integration meetings, company picnics, banquets, official galas, holidays… there is no shortage of occasions to toast and have fun with alcohol. Breathalysers are an important element of the CSR policy of every modern company and a guarantee that employees will return home safely and with their loved ones.

5. Intelligent sales support

Breathalysers like percentages

Test&Drive breathalysers provide real support for the FMCG industry, whose priority is selling alcohol. Breathalysers attached to the bottles are an accessory that will, above all, be useful to all drivers, but also fit in with the principles of responsible promotion and emphasise the importance of safety in marketing policy.

6. Breathalyzer at the petrol station

Safety refuelling

Petrol stations are mandatory stops for drivers on the map of Poland. During short stops and refuelling, a thought often comes to mind: “did I really think that yesterday’s party was 100% over…”. Breathalyzers help dispel these doubts in a few seconds, so it is always worth seeing them at the cash register or on the shelf of your station.